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Alte Reben
- Frühroter Veltliner

Any Partiality is a question of valuation.


VIntage 2016

Single Vineyard Mollandser Hiesberg approximately 60 year old vineyard.. Spontaneously fermented. 9 months on skins in a 500 litre Rotor barrel. 12 % Alcohol. Unfinded. Unfiltered.

With our Nibiru Vines we would like to represent the old and experienced vineyards that have been adapting and adjusting to their different habitats over centuries. Those vineyards are therefore now able to  withstand any weather conditions. They have experienced almost everything throughout the years and are by now deeply rooted to Kamptal and all its special conditions.The vines are close to earth and resilient. This sturdiness and their confidence is reflected in the vines grapes and eventually in the wine.